6 Yellow Interior Paint Jobs Done Beautifully

Yellow can be a tricky color to do just right. We recommend taping a paint card up to your wall for a while to see which shade you lean towards. We also recommend thinking about whether you want a bold, mustard, or pale yellow. Each has a different feel. What’s the look that you are going for in your space? Here are some of our favorite examples of yellow interiors done well.

Yellow with White Accents and a Chalkboard Wall

This space looks inviting, bright, fresh and chock full of ideas, thanks to the addition of the chalkboard wall in this retro yellow bedroom. The white touches help make the yellow pop even more. By choosing a mustard-leaning color, this room gets the old-school vibes it’s looking for.

yellow bedroom with white accents with a chalkboard accent wall

Sweet Sunshiny Yellow Baby Room

When using yellow in a baby’s room, it adds a feeling of warmth and happiness. These parents chose to use grey accessories to add a modern feel to this room and a bit of masculinity with the luggage decor. Using a yellow painting on top of the yellow paint adds an almost 3-D effect to this baby room. Yellow for the win.

baby room with white bed, yellow accent pillows, night stand, and large yellow painting on the wall from the scrap therapy blog

Eclectic Yellow Living Room

Take us to this living room paradise and leave us there forever with our favorite books. This living room has enough character on its own with the bright colors and almost tropical feel. The yellow walls bring out all of these colors and magically tie them together perfectly.

decorated living room with yellow accent walls

Retro Couch and Yellow Two-Tone

This hallway could be bare, but instead, these wise paint consultants went with a bright shade of yellow. To accompany the look, a grey couch is placed, a popular color choice against yellow. Now, take a closer look. See how the bottom of the wall is a shade of yellow slightly darker than the one above? This two-tone effect really makes for a polished and uniquely different use of this marvelous shade.

retro gray couch with gray lamp in front of a yellow wall with gray strip and yellow painting

Happy Yellow Doors

Something that truly makes a difference when you pull into your driveway each day is seeing a bright and happy door. Many people opt for a red door. Why not be a little different and go yellow. That door will be like walking through a human-sized smiley face each and every day. We’d say it’s a good choice and add-on to any paint job.

yellow door to the entrance of a house

Amazingly Bold Yellow Modern Kitchen

Last but not least, this bold beauty of a yellow kitchen. The designers paired stainless steel with a super-bright yellow making this kitchen truly POP. The contrast gives the strong lines of the steel a soft and jovial yin to its yang. This shade of yellow is assuredly for the bold! Stunning.

modern yellow themed kitchen showing counters and island

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