What to Look for in a Residential Painting Company


What to Look for in a Residential Painting Company

What to look for in a Residential Painting Company? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, at least that is a common phrase people enjoy to use. So when it comes to painting and decorating your home, it truly is a journey of finding your perfect, undeniably unique style! What’s the best starting point in this journey? A fresh coat of paint is the answer to the foundation of your decor. Let’s say you are looking for a refresher in your home’s look, or you just recently bought a house and are wondering where to start. In this blog, we will share with you several tips on what to look for in a residential painting company.

The first step in choosing your residential painting company is to look at the companies online reviews. Reviews on Yelp and Google are generally a great indicator of the type of work a company leaves behind. Be sure to look at the “Not Currently Recommended” section on yelp all the way at the bottom of the companies page for additional reviews. There you can find more customer feedback. The company’s online presence is a great place to start! Just like a restaurant, or retail store, you wouldn’t want to find yourself doing business with a poorly rated painting company. So check those reviews!


The second step in this process is very important. Ask your painter if they are insured, no less then $1 million, bonded, as well as workman’s comp. Accidents happen, and it’s important these things are covered in the off chance they do.

The third step would be finding out if the painters working in your home are subcontractors or employees. Again, this falls under the insurance category, simply because if they are employees (and the company is insured) they will be covered. However, many times subcontractors will work in homes and are not covered by the companies liability policy. This is because subcontractors need to provide their own liability insurance. Be sure to ask before hiring.

Ask your residential painting company how they will protect your home while working on the project. Understand the prep work and clean-up take about 2 days time. An experienced company will take the time and use caution in your house, as well as leave your home the way it was found.


Best House Painter's in Denver

Best House Painter’s in Denver

What can YOU do?

What can YOU do to make this process smooth and efficient? Many companies will ask the homeowner to do a little prep work themselves. Moving furniture away from walls to the center of the room, removing drapery, blinds, mirrors, and pictures, as well as light switch plates, are all ways to shorten the time painters could be using to focus on the job. Find out before the start date what you need to do in order to prepare!

If minor touch-ups become noticeable in the days following, a reputable company will have no issue sending out a team member to address the spots. Touch- ups are not uncommon. Factors for touch-ups can be wall texture, residue built up, as well as the quality of paint. Ask what type of paint will be used. Just like anything in life, cheapest doesn’t mean quality, you get what you pay for!  Remember, any dents in the walls, (minus small nail holes) are now in a drywall company’s territory, so hire for any major wall repairs BEFORE hiring painters.

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