Interior Painting Is What We Do Best


Almost every job consists of painting the walls in a home. We meet with our clients in their homes for an in depth analysis of the project. Things we take into consideration are: square feet, ceiling height, current color on walls, condition of walls, texture of walls, texture of ceiling, new paint color, paint sheen, complexity of job, and tools required.


Ceilings are often an overlooked aspect of interior painting projects, but can often make as dramatic of a difference as walls. Ceiling height and texture are what we take into consideration when pricing out each job. The thicker the texture, the more labor involved. Popcorn texture can be rolled or sprayed, but must be sprayed if the ceiling has never been painted before.


A fresh coat of paint on baseboards will make them stand out like never before. Since baseboards lie so low to the ground, they are not quite as noticeable as the walls, but when coated with a fresh coat of paint, they both enhance the appearance of each other. We check all baseboards for height and complexity of design when quoting them. We also check for cracking and separation, and include minor caulking of them at no additional fee.

Doors/Door Frames

Doors and door frames come as a pair since a fresh coat on only one or the other, would make the unpainted option seem out of place. We check for door height, door type and complexity, frame width, and surface of door. Also, we consider two sides of a door to be one door. We typically paint doors and door frames white. We tape along the edges of the door frames so as to make sure we do not get any paint on the walls.


Decorative walls can add an extra dimension of style to your home. When chosen tastefully, carefully planned striped patterns can be a dramatic way of showcasing an accent wall. Typically these are done as single wall projects and do not utilize more than three colors. Striped walls work best on smooth walls, and become more complicated as the texture thickens. Design, complexity, number of colors, and texture affect the price for a decorative wall. We always use the best tape and caulk, for the cleanest and straightest lines.


We also partner with a local company to provide cabinetry work. New cabinets update any home and increase its value to potential buyers. Kitchen cabinetry that’s new is appealing for many reasons including adding an updated look to your home. Cabinets can also be added in laundry rooms, play rooms, garages or anywhere you need some extra space and want to “declutter” your space.

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