Using Dark Paint Tones in Your Home (3 Ways)

Residential Painters Can Use Dark Paint Colors To Provide Contrast and Intrigue

You’ve probably heard someone say it: “Dark paint makes your room feel smaller and it is difficult to paint over.” But as professional residential painters in Denver, we’re here to tell you that dark colors need not be feared.


When done correctly, bold, dark colors can bring a desirable pop of pizzazz to your home. They capture the eye and create contrast, rather than feeling like you are lost in a sea of white.


Dark paint is less of a faux pas to avoid and more of an artistic technique to be mastered.


So, how do you use a dark tone in a way that compliments your home décor? Below we’ll cover the top ways to keep your deep paint color from clashing with other visual elements in your house.


Dark Paint Doesn’t Need to Be Feared (If You Follow These Steps!)


Here are our top tips:



If you want to use navy blue as your accent color, select a wall where that color will be visible but where it will not take up most of your wall space. A good rule of thumb is to select one of the smaller walls in your living space. Also, make sure that your other walls are a lighter shade in the same family of colors. For example, if you are using navy blue as an accent, use a paler blue as your primary paint for your other walls. Using opposing colors can be done, but it requires a lot of skill to make opposing colors harmonize with one another. Sticking to tones that are within the same color group will make your job much easier. However, if you are determined to be fearless and use opposing colors, be sure to hire a professional that has experience and can advise you during the process.


Far too many homeowners find a color they love on a paint swatch and hurry home to roll it on their walls. The problem? Paint comes in all sorts of finishes, textures, and bases. What appears to be the perfect hue on a swatch could dry a shade lighter, have a different finish than you expected, or make imperfections highly visible. So, rather than realizing this when you have an entire wall painted, it is best to do a small patch first to see how the paint looks when it has dried. That way, if you are surprised, it is far easier to fix. You could also consider hiring Denver residential painters who charge by square foot. For one accent wall, the price would be affordable, and you would enjoy peace of mind knowing your color is being professionally assessed and applied.



When bringing dark colors into a space, you want to be sure that you are balancing them out in other areas of the room. For example, if you have decided to bring a pop of color into your bedroom, like this, you want to make sure that other elements in your bedroom are light and bright to offset it. Some fantastic ways to do this are using white pillows on your bed. Or, you can add lamps or other sources of light. Another way to create balance with dark paint color is choosing white furniture. Denver furniture stores like Room & Board or Mod Livin’ have wonderful, modern selections that can easily bring a sense of balance to your space.

Residential Painters in Denver: New Perspective Painting

Remember, when hiring residential painters in Denver, always go with a company that has a proven track record of meeting their clients needs and who is expertly knowledgeable about color theory. The success of your painting project is largely dependent on the qualifications of the painters you choose. At New Perspective Painting, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle any painting project, no matter how advanced or simple. Why not make us your go-to residential painters in Denver?

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