Painting Contractors: How to Prepare for them!

So, you’ve decided to pull the trigger and hire painting contractors to update your home with fresh paint. You are either selling the home, buying a new home, or remodeling. Painting is one of the most affordable ways to transform the appearance of a home while staying on a budget. You’ve done the research and found a painting company that’s insured, background checked, has a stellar portfolio, has great ratings, and comes across as professional and trustworthy. Congratulations! You are ready for the next step of preparing your home for the painters! Here are some of the things that you should do to help the process go as quickly, and efficiently as possible, while not incurring any extra costs!

Have the floors cleaned for the painting contractors!

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    • Having dirty floors not only looks bad but will also likely spike the price of the project up if the painting company you hired needs to clean first. Whether it is mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming, it is important to have the floors cleaned in preparation because having dirty floors will impede the process of the prep work since laying down tape, tarp, and plastic coverings will not be as effective if there is a layer of dirt or dog hair underneath!

      Having the baseboards wiped off for the painting contractors!


    • Part of the prep work involved in painting baseboards and walls is to tape either of the surfaces. If the surfaces are dirty, the tape will not stick properly and the paint will seep underneath. Some painting contractors will accommodate this to an extent, but if the baseboards are severely dirtied, then a cleaning fee may be charged!

      Locking away the dog for the painting contractors!

    • Locking away pets that may interfere with the process will not avoid any extra costs, but it is general courtesy as a favor for the painting contractors. It is a potential liability to have pets in the work area since either the pet or painters may have an accident which results in either party getting injured. Plus, no one likes to work with a barking dog.


Moving furniture for the painting contractors!

  • Many painting contractors include moving furniture in their bid, but even the ones that do still have regulations. Small items like wall hangings and knick-knacks are easy to store away and help speed up the process, but when it comes to large, heavy items such as bed frames your painting company should be able to accommodate. When dealing with large pieces of furniture that are filled with items such as china cabinets, you will likely end up having to pay a small fee to have the painters remove all the small items.


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