Should I Paint My Home Before I Sell? (Why It’s Important)

Prepping for Selling Your Home


Ready to sell your home? As anyone who has gone through the process will tell you, the first steps to selling your home include finding a trusted real estate agent, and working with a brokerage to get the process rolling. At that point, every single realtor will tell you that it’s time to tackle that to-do list of home improvements.

Which things should you do first and when? If you’re selling your home, you’ll want to make sure that major repairs that would be looked at on inspections, are done first. You want to make sure you take care of any safety concerns and make sure that you would pass the inspection of course. Next, storage is your friend. You want to remove as much of your personal items as you can from your home so that it can be staged. Minimalism is key here.


When to Hire a Painting Company


Once you’ve gotten most of your stuff stored away, cleaned, and made it “pretty” inside, it’s time to call the painter (lastly, you should call the carpet cleaner, ps.). Your painting company should be one you trust, that gives you competitive rates and quality painting services (you can get a quote with us right here if you like.)

Your painting company should be able to listen to you, follow your instructions, provide expert advice and solid service. And, your home will have a fresh new look, hopefully both inside and outside (if needed). You should paint any porches or outside trim that has gotten some wear. Make sure that you’ve hired a company that pays great attention to detail. Traditionally, a great paint job before selling your home can increase your return up to 50 – 500% according to some estimates.


Curb Appeal

It’s an old adage that curb appeal goes far when it comes to real estate. A fresh coat of exterior paint by outstanding painting contractors can make all the difference in the value and demand on your home. Another way to stand out is to add an inexpensive pop of color. Paint your front door turquoise to appeal to modern home buyers who love unique-ness. Even if they’ll end up changing it to one of their favorite colors, it shows them possibilities and gives them a sense of whimsy.


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