Limewashing Brick Exterior

Limewashing Brick Exterior is a classic and stunning way to transform your old (or new) brick home into a gorgeous look. Whitewashing, or also known as Limewashing, is a great alternative to classic paint and colors for the exterior of your home. What better time to hire a Denver painting company than summer to add beauty to your exterior!

Classic Limewash is a unique way to paint your home’s brick exterior. Whitewashing is found all throughout Europe and the South. It is even seen in cathedrals and ancient monuments. Beautiful and modest, limewashing additionally serves as a great protective barrier for the exterior of your home.

Furthermore, Classic Lime Washing’s anti-fungal properties are simply slaked lime mixed with water. It takes five days to cure to full strength. Once dry, it will preserve your home’s exterior for years to come. Your home will look naturally aged adding character and beauty with added durability.


Limewashing Brick Exterior

Limewashing Whitewashing Exterior Brick Home

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Customers know that summer is the best time for exterior work to be done. This makes this a perfect time to call your local Denver painting company to secure a slot on the calendar. With limewashing, you will be sure to stand out from the basic, red and orange color of typical brick homes. Also, you will showcase the subtle beauty of your home.

For the project below, New Perspective Painting used a concrete stain by Sherwin Williams called H&C COLOR TOP Water-Based Solid Colour Concrete Stain. We used the pure white base and diluted it with a 4 part stain : 3 part water formula. Achieving the right saturation and opacity is a decision our clients make based on the appearance they are seeking. Consequently, there are no surprises when we are done!

Customers can schedule an initial visit to their home to test sample areas on the bricks. We do this because we want our clients feeling confident in the final result! As a result, you will be thrilled with the end result!

Limewashing Brick Exterior

White Washing Lime Washing Brick Home

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