An Explanation of Interior Painting Square Footage Cost

What is the cost of interior paint (by the square foot?)

Interior Painting Cost per Sq Ft

Are you wondering what the Interior Painting Cost per Sq Ft is in Denver, Colorado? Maybe you have already discussed a budget with your spouse or have an idea of how much painting already costs. If so, great! However, if you are like the many people that want their home painted but have no idea what it will cost, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place!

We should get one thing cleared up right away. Determining sq ft alone is not the best way for a painter to give you an estimate! Let’s imagine 3 homes. All three are 1000 sq ft. However, they each have a different ceiling height. One has 9-foot ceilings, another has 15-foot ceilings, and the third has 20 ft ceilings. If a painter tells you that they charge $1.5 per sq ft, do you think that that number will apply to all three homes? If you are looking for an estimate for painting your home and the painter whom you are speaking to says they charge a flat rate. RUN! There’s something definitely fishy there.


Interior Painting Cost per Sq Ft

There are some obvious factors that determine the Interior Painting Cost per Sq Ft, but the primary one should be wall space. To calculate wall space, the painter should add up all of the square footage of the wall space and not living space. After all, its the walls that will be painted! Not the floors.

Let’s revisit the three homes we mentioned above. Let’s also imagine that the three homes are perfect rectangles for easy visualization.

  • The home with 9 ft ceilings will have 1980 sq ft of wall space.
  • The home with 15-foot ceilings will have 3300 sq ft of wall space.
  • The home with 20-foot ceilings will have 4400 sq ft of wall space.

As you can see, determining the interior painting cost per Sq Ft of living space is not ideal!. Rather, make sure the painting contractor is factoring in the amount of actual wall space there is. The height of the ceiling makes a huge difference in terms of paint, material, time, and labor!

There is a really great Interior Painting Cost per Sq Ft calculator that can be found here. Just plug in your zip code and sq footage (of living space), and it tells you approximately what you will be paying for interior painting. Rough estimates based on sq footage can be helpful as most painting professionals can tell you what you’ll probably be looking at spending without actually measuring the exact wall space.

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