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Interior Painters Denver




When it comes to finding Interior Painters Denver for your painting project, it can be tough to land on one given all the options. Maybe you’ve been referred by someone you know who has had interior painting done recently? Maybe you are like the many who utilize Google and Bing search services to find a company? Either way, there are some fundamental criteria for which you can base your decisions.

Do they photograph their work and display images professionally? 

When browsing photo galleries of interior painters Denver, do the photos look like something they just captured while walking taken on their flip phone? Do they take the time to edit their photos, adjust the lighting, and center at the very least? When browsing galleries of interior painters Denver, it would be wise to take note of the professional quality photos they take and post. It might say something about the quality of their work.


Interior Painters Denver New Perspective Painting

Interior Painters Denver New Perspective Painting

Things to consider before hiring Interior Painters Denver


Do they update their social media profiles regularly with high quality, original content? 

Assuming the companies you are considering have social media accounts (we think they certainly should!), are they regularly updating their social media account with high quality, original content? It’s much easier to slack in the social media department given the time and energy it takes to do so! But a company that takes pride in their work should want to display that for the world to see.

Do they have multiple, 5-star reviews that mention actual people in the reviews? 

When you are reading reviews about a company, pay attention to who is being mentioned. If it is only the company, that might mean that the customers didn’t even have a genuine interaction with someone from the company. A lot of the time, the homeowner might talk to an “estimator”. Estimators have no idea who is coming into the home to do the painting. Crew members may be sent by a project manager who is estranged to the homeowner. What’s happening is that the homeowner never really has an authentic experience with someone from the company. Clients information is entered into a computer, someone looks it over, and a crew is sent out to their house.

Companies that have reviews with actual people mentioned says something about good the interaction between the homeowner and the company. Homeowners were not being pawned from one person to another. It means they were actually being taken care of the right way.


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