Best Painting Contractors in Denver, CO

So you have come to the ubiquitous decision to paint your Denver home. Whether it’s a new move-in, live-in, or move-out project, you know there is no way to get around a new paint job. So of course your initial step is to jump on google in search of the best painting contractors in Denver. This blog is here as a in-depth guideline on finding that perfect company for your project.

So you googled best painting contractors in Denver, now what? What types of criteria do you need to be looking for? A handy, and albeit critical step in finding a painter or even decorator is making sure they are following the standards of the PDCA.

Painting Contractors in Stapleton CO

Painting Contractors in Stapleton CO

The PDCA, or otherwise known as the Painting and Decorating Company of America is the company in which painters and decorators can grow and develop their business, while keeping up the standards in their field of work. The PDCA is responsible for the success of more then 310,000 decorators and painters, by offering education programs, local networking programs, use of PDCA Industry Programs, and much more. Think of it as a guideline for companies to use so they will never fall below industry standards. This type of program is a huge help to companies, and clients alike!

Here are a couple examples the PDCA gives to insure quality in every project-

  • Provide the measure by which the quality of wall coating work can be evaluated by the consumer.
  • Protect the contractor by establishing limits on the extent and verifiable uniformity of a project.
  • Protect the consumer by requiring work that is free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations of coating applications.
  • Save contractors time and money when used and referenced in painting work bids and contracts.

So, in finding the best painting contractor in Denver, you, the client can do a little research before meeting with potential contractors. Finding the industry standard, for example on how many coats of paint should be used on your wall, or if primer should always be used are questions you can ask a contractor before making a definitive decision. If your contractor is up to date and following the PDCA guidelines, he or she will have no issue answering your questions correctly. This line of action will guarantee an easier method for choosing the best painting contractor in Denver!

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