House Painters: Our Favorite Spring Paint Color Trends

Spring is here! What paint colors to choose?


House Painters | New Perspective Painting

House Painters | New Perspective Painting


House Painters: What Are Some Paint Color Trends for Spring?


Here at New Perspective Painting, we get asked a lot… what color should I paint my house? We have to reply that it is truly personal, but since we love color, color matching, color trends, art, and paint, we do have a few thoughts that might make the decision easier.


Our Best Paint Color Advice: From a Professional Painting Company


Choose a color that you are drawn to over and over again. If you find yourself loving a bright white exterior, go with it. If a cottage blue is more your style, try it out. You are your best judge when it comes to choosing colors in your home. Try to tap into that gut and go with a color that you absolutely love. You should always be the first expert you check in with, right?


Now, if you’re asking our expert advice, we tend to suggest colors for exteriors that handle weather and wear and tear. For example, medium grays are great for hiding dirt and are easy to clean too. Any neutral tends to be a good choice for an exterior. And if you want to show some personality, go crazy with your shutters, trim or front door! Turquoise, yellow, red and bright blue are great colors for doors. And, there are even ways to sneak in some pink, coral, or black to personalize your look too.


“For Interior Home Paint Colors, What Would You Guys Recommend?”


We always listen to our customers first, yet in this modern day, neutral tones are continuing to win in the interior paint design category. Lighter ones open up the space and darker ones create a bit of shadow or depth. We still love fanciful colors for bedrooms (purple? Why not!). And bathrooms can always go traditional white, cream, or yellow, which always tend to do well in those spaces. For kitchens, the sky is the limit with accent colors. Whites and brighter colors will open space in the kitchen too.


And, consider something off the wall… er, it’s on the wall, it’s wallpaper! Yes, wallpaper, designs, decals and unique abstract painting are now way in. Consider one wall with crisscrosses or one wall with an ombre. Yes, you can ombre a wall now. Here are some amazing ideas for this new medium of interior design.


Ten Interior Paint Design Choices That Did Not Disappoint×250.jpg–color-of-the-year-apartment-therapy.jpg


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