Helpful Hints to Find the Best Interior Painter in Your Area

You know the struggle. You want to get some interior painting done, so you Google: find a painter near me. What comes up? Gobs and gobs of names, ads, offers and claims. Now what? Sift through everything? No.

Let’s make a checklist to make it easier when you search to “find a painter near me.”

Find a Painter Near Me (How to Sift Through the Info!)

Here is what we would recommend in order to solve the “find a painter near me” conundrum. First of all, we recommend going with your first page results. If you have to go through more than 2 pages on Google results, you are likely going with a company that either doesn’t have the resources to pay to get on the front page (and why don’t they… they could have offered mediocre service levels in the past you know?), or, they could be the type of low-maintenance company that offers the bare bones in servicing (leaving their outreach funds limited).

When I’ve worked with these types of “no frills” companies on my own personal projects, I have gotten just that. And, maybe even had to have them come back to fix things. I didn’t get a call to confirm the day before. I didn’t get a follow-up call. I didn’t get an easy way to pay my bill, schedule or sign a contract. They did everything the “old school way” which was quite frankly…. annoying! I want to be able to easily schedule an in-home quote online, pay my bill online, and get a feel for the company ahead of time. Companies that don’t bother with these “inconveniences” of setting these things up for you also won’t bother to make the process easy or enjoyable for you.

What to Look For in Your ‘Find a Painter Near Me Search’

There are several things we recommend looking for when seeking to hire a painter to paint the interior of your home. Your painting project will go so much smoother if you look for these signs. Also, you may end up finding your go-to painting company in Denver by finding a quality, affordable painter who also cares about the details.

  • Do they have a website? Is it updated?
  • Do they post on social media regularly?
  • Do they have educational blogs and examples of their work?
  • Do they have a team?
  • Do they have reviews?
  • Do they show up on your searches over and over?
  • Are they reviewed on Yelp, Google, Home Advisor and BBB?
  • Do they offer an in-home quote?
  • Are they flexible with their scheduling?

Q: Why do these things matter?

A: Because how you do one thing… is how you do everything!

When you care about the details in your life and business, you show that you also care about the details in your work. When a company seeks to take the time to educate, entertain and serve, they are making the experience of what is really a “boring” work project, and making it an experience that is enjoyable, that painting company has offered far more value that the initial service requested.

You see, when we search for a ‘painter near me’ we are searching for a new color on our walls, but also, we want a painting company that will not interfere with our family schedule, can adjust around our work schedule, makes signing the contract easy (e-sign) and allows online payments for bills. None of us needs extra work on our plates. Make it easy for your customers is the motto that painting contractors should really abide by!

Like What You’re Reading Here?

We take special pride in ensuring that our quality painting services are top-notch, affordably priced, convenient with your schedule, professional and always done with kindness and respect for your home and family. We come from a long line of painters and have taken a modern approach with New Perspective Painting. You can easily click here to set up a call or in-home visit for a quote. Then, we offer easy scheduling (you tell us when and where!). During our painting, we are aware of your home and try to stay out of the way as you go about your day. We are also fast! Not too fast, but just enough for you to say: “Done already?? Awesome!” 

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