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Painting Company Downtown Denver

Denver Home and Office Painting

New Perspective Painting is the #1 Denver Home and Office Painting company in the larger Denver Metro Area, and it’s easy to see why. With an experienced and knowledgeable painting crew, we can handle any size or complex painting project. New Perspective Painting has the ability to complete painting projects in downtown Denver Metro area that include:

Epoxy Floor Coating

Pressure Washing

Parking Lot Stripe Painting

Parking Lot Painting

Commercial Tenant Construction Painting

Commercial Tenant Remodel

Business Painting

Office Painting

Painting Services for Home and Office painting

Painting Services for Home and Office painting

What makes us the best painting company in downtown Denver? It is a combination of our excellent reputation for completing projects on budget, and on time; having the skill set to handle any size or complex painting project and by our process. Everyone can paint, but not everyone can paint well. We have a large array of painting equipment which we use very specific depending on the type of painting requirements.

New Perspective Painting is fully insured with high limit workman’s comp insurance, liability insurance, an additional umbrella policy of $1,000,000.00. Reach out and request a copy of our insurance and we will send one to you.

OSHA 30 Certified

Our crew is trained and knowledgeable in the safety standards set by OSHA which is critical especially when working in various situations. OSHA is the industry standard for safe work practices and all businesses engaging in work on construction sites or remodels should be OSHA certified with a valid license. Osha 30 is a 30 hour training course which covers essential safety topics.

Protect your assets.

When hiring a painting company in Denver for Home and Office Painting, make sure that the company you are considering knows the process for the type of painting you require. For example, epoxy floor coating requires special cleaning and often sanding in preparation for the product. Parking lot painting and safety painting should be applied with the proper spraying equipment and on a properly prepared surface, otherwise, the product may begin to crack and peel after very little exposure to the elements. Painting metal surfaces should be properly prepared with the right cleaning and primer or issues will arise. Painting is the most cost-effective way to enhance the appearance and preserve the life of the item you are painting.

Safety Painting & Pavement Striping.

Safety Stripe Painting Denver

Safety Stripe Painting Denver

Repainting a floor with safety painting or pavement striping should be a priority after visible wear and tear have occurred. In areas on excessive foot traffic or exposure to the elements, newly painted safety striping will limit you from liability should an accident occur. Facility owners, managers, and safety professionals need to be sure they are always following the OSHA floor marking standards. This will help improve the overall safety of a facility and will also ensure there are no violations of the regulations, which could result in accidents or penalties.

Here is a link that goes into detail into floor marking specifications.

Some areas that need to be properly marked and striped are:

  • Parking spaces
  • Aisles
  • Safety and Hazardous areas
  • Storage
  • Pedestrian and vehicle lanes
  • Electrical appliances

Floor safety markings can be done in either paint or tape, but tape is much more prone to wear and tear. Painting should always be done on a properly prepared surface.

Allow us to provide you with an in-person estimate to discuss your options and come up with a solution that fits your budget and goals. Furthermore, you can book your estimate online with us right here!

Denver Commercial Painting Services | New Perspective Painting

Denver Commercial Painting Services | New Perspective Painting

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