Denver Commercial Painting

Denver Commercial Painting

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Commercial Painting in Denver, CO

With Denver being an ever-growing city, you can be sure to find a new large-scale building project on just about any corner. Property owners, general contractors, as well as developers are always on the lookout for painting companies who specialize in large, demanding commercial and industrial projects to complete their projects. These painting projects are no small feat and require an abundance of staffing, able-bodied workers, and on hands management. The proper use of equipment and knowledge is necessary when dealing with larger-scale projects, making finding a reputable Denver painting company a top priority when hiring.

Denver Commercial Painters

Denver Commercial Painters

Bolster the look of your apartment complex or multi-units exterior/ interior with fresh, eye-catching colors. Complete the final process with a professional painting team to finalize the aesthetic details. With remodels and rebuilds, peeling or fading can happen since our beautiful Colorado sun can be a natural enemy for paint. You’ll want to find a Denver commercial painting company with the knowledge and care to increase your properties market value.

Hiring Commercial Painters

Hiring a professional commercial painting company is important because of the knowledge they will bring to your project. They can advise on brands, types, and colors that will benefit you and your vision, and tie together the final project. Having a systematical approach to tackling large-scale jobs in a timely manner is what your commercial painting company specializes in. Additionally, as having the resources and equipment required for wide-ranging projects of this size. Give New Perspective Painting a call for your commercial painting needs or send us a message right here!


As with most commercial projects, a superintendent or project manager gets 3 bids for painting. The determining factors are usually timing and price. We pride ourselves on our ability to fit in projects in most clients timelines. We do not pride ourselves on low prices. High quality and quick turnaround are our strong suits. Our painting proposals are spelled out in detail. Each line item will be listed so it is clear what we are charging for each item. Lump sum bids can get messy when there are details that need to be worked out after the project is “completed”. “Sorry, that’s not on the estimate” is the last thing a general contractor wants to hear. With our proposals, you will know exactly what we are charging for exactly what is being painted. A proposal is always custom created by Evan Wilson (owner).

New Perspective Painting is a full-service Denver commercial painting company that specializes in:

Commercial Painting

Residential Painting

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Cabinet Painting

House Painting


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