Experts Weigh In: Commercial Painters in Denver, CO

Denver is still booming. It has been for almost two decades now, with a large increase in commercial real estate and business offerings in the last seven years. In fact, the Denver Post reported that Denver’s population has grown by 100,000 people every year for the last seven years. Recently, that number has slowed, however construction projects and business remodels continue as older buildings are replaced with newer, modern ones.

Paint color and maintenance is an important first impression for a business.

Painting the interior or exterior of your business can be a game changer as far as value, curb appeal and modernity. It’s a simple upgrade, but only when expertly done by professional commercial painters. In Denver, all you have to do is Google: “Denver commercial painters near me” to find pages and pages of commercial painting companies claiming to be the best.

What makes one commercial painting company different from the others?

Expert, and commercial painting company owner, Evan Wilson, of New Perspective Painting, weighs in on what makes one different from the rest:

  1. Service. Just look for red flags. If just getting a quote ends up being a frustrating process, it’s likely the rest of the work will be too.
  2. Quality. Do they have a presence online with example of their work? Do they have recommendations from trusted associations and good online reviews? Look for a wide variety to gauge validity of these reviews.
  3. Teamwork. If they are down to earth and local, that means a lot to me. If they have a team that works well together, is happy and it shows throughout their online presence, that shows me they really care about people, and not just the bottom line.

When should you start gathering quotes for commercial painters in Denver?

If you want less stress, then, the sooner, the better. With our online quote requests, you can easily schedule a phone call for a quote.

We are prompt with our responses and are able to provide a quality quote and time table that matches your specifications and budget. We’re easy to work with, local and promote charitable giving as a part of our business practice.

What kind of questions should you ask a potential commercial painting company when looking to contract them?

  • Ask them if they have the time and resources to meet your project manager’s goals.
  • Do they have a contact person for day-of and if any issues arise?
  • How should the project manager handle changes to the scope of the project?
  • Is it possible for you to come to the location site for a quote?
  • How do you accept payment and what are our options?

Have you been wanting to try a new commercial painting company? Or have a project that needs a quote?

Try contacting New Perspective Painting, or fill out the form below. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready for your call.

Our quotes are fair, competitive and delivered in a timely fashion. Check our availability and find a new perspective in paint with New Perspective Painting commercial painters in Denver and the surrounding areas.

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