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Best House Painters in Denver

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Are you looking for the best house painters in Denver? Look no further than, New Perspective Painting! We’ve done the research to help you decide what the best painting solution is for you – depending on your goals and budget. You see, not all painting projects are created equal. That’s why we run all estimates in-house by the owner Evan Wilson to make sure we aren’t quoting you for things you don’t need! We don’t send a job estimator like some of the bigger companies.


The Painting Process – from Estimate to Completion.


Best House Painters in Denver


Step 1: Book a consultation with us right here!

Customers can book a consultation straight from our website. Clients find this incredibly helpful because it eliminates the hassle of trying to make contact throughout our busy days. It’s really easy to book an estimate with us over the phone, or in person. Just choose a time and date and that’s it!

Our clients appreciate our more personalized approach to projects. We value your time and patience, that’s why we’ve made it easy and straightforward to get a painting estimate!

Our estimates are broken down with all tasks itemized. Consequently, clients find this incredibly helpful since they can visualize and understand our pricing structure. Instead of seeing a lump sum, our estimates are broken down by line items. Our estimates explain the painting process, the paint we will be using, and all areas listed. This leaves little to no confusion for either party.

Step 2: Secure dates on the calendar

Doing Business with New Perspective Painting

After the initial on-site or over the phone painting estimate is done, Evan and you choose dates! You will find that securing dates on the calendar is always a good idea since our calendars fill up fast! You can choose any available calendar dates when the deposit is made. Clients also have the option of making the deposit right through our website!

Step 3: First day

The owner Evan shows up on the first day to ensure that the job is beginning on time and on schedule. Getting the crews rolling with prepping the home or space is always the first step. During the process, up until the end, Evan is in contact with the crew and homeowners for questions or concerns. The goal is the make the project easy and comfortable for everyone.


Step 4: The process

From start to finish on any painting project, all team members are collaborating to achieve the end goal on time, with an emphasis on quality and cleanliness. Furthermore, we’re not the fastest painting contractors in the world since we spend so much time preparing the home and cleaning up. Team members take a good portion of the first and last day to prep and clean up. We use heavy duty builders paper to protect all wood floors. We use new plastic drop cloths to protect furniture from paint splatter. The steps involved usually look like this:


  • A lead will assign tasks for all surfaces that need taping, masking, sanding, and caulking.
  • The team will protect floors and belongings as needed with paper and plastic.
  • Team members will apply multiple coats of primer (when applicable) and multiple coats of paint to achieve even coverage to all surfaces being painted.
  • The team uses proper tools to ensure that paint applies evenly to all surfaces being painted.
  • Clean up after project which includes sweeping, picking up debris, and bagging trash.


Step 5: Clean up + Walkthrough

We realize that cleanup and touch-ups are the final steps for every job. This means that the team members make’s sure your home is put back the way it was found so you are ready to enjoy your new paint job!

Evan and his crew will do a walkthrough which is carried out in order to find any touch-ups that need to be addressed. Once this is completed and the homeowners are satisfied, payment will be due upon completion. Additionally, in the event, you see any additional areas that need attention a team member will be sent out as soon as possible.

The trick to being the best house painters in Denver is really quite simple- having a quality crew who cares about their work. Furthermore, the best house painters in Denver ensures the happiness of the homeowner. As a result, Evan makes the process as seamless and as easy as possible.

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