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Best Cabinet Painting Denver

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Best Cabinet Painting | Denver, CO

Best Cabinet Painting | Denver, CO

Cabinet painting is a very specific field of painting as it requires a lot more careful attention to detail than other types of painting. Painting, in general, is only done right when 100% of the painter’s attention is drawn toward creating beautiful, straight lines and providing even coverage throughout.

Cabinet painting requires a very keen eye for detail since the majority of cabinet painting involves sanding very tight and complex spaces, spraying the right type of primer in an even and uniform way, and spraying the right type of paint in a way that appears to be smooth, even, and durable.

The best cabinet painting practices are ones that make sure the end result looks ultra smooth and ultra durable. Brushing and rolling cabinets will almost never be comparable to spraying. Using the right sprayer and spray tip is also critical for cabinet painting since the force and pattern of the paint being sprayed will affect the pattern and finish.

The first step to painting cabinets is detaching all drawers and doors from the foundation and label them with numbers and stickers so we know exactly where to reattach them. We remove all hardware from the doors and drawers and keep them organized for reattachment later on. We also remove all the hardware that attaches the doors to the foundation wood.

The best cabinet painting results are only done if these steps are followed since by removing all doors, drawers, hinges, and hardware we are able to apply an even amount of paint to all surface area.

After everything is removed we examine all wood for any dirt or grime that needs to be cleaned prior to sanding. Once all the surfaces are cleaned and all cracks and holes are filled, we proceed to sand. We usually start with a 120 grit depending on how rough the cabinets are but start with a fine 220 grit sandpaper for cabinets that are in great condition.

Best Cabinet Painting Denver, CO

Best Cabinet Painting | Denver, CO

We apply the primer (usually by sprayer) once all the doors and drawers are cleaned and sanded. Priming is essential when painting over cabinets that are currently stained. This is because the actual paint would not cover the wood stain well, or stick well! Even when using the highest quality paint, the top coat of paint would not stick to an unprimed surface. Painting over cabinets that are already painted may not need to be primed. Some of the primers we like to use can be found here.

We often will hang the doors and drawers off the ground or place them on painters tripods on the ground. Our ideal method is to hand them up in order to spray all 6 sides at once. A lot of latex/enamel paints are self-leveling. This means they will run easier, so we are very careful to spray multiple thin coats as opposed to fewer thick coats. If spraying areas inside a kitchen is not possible, we will roll the cabinet box wood instead of spraying. This method can work sometimes but we evaluate each project to determine which method we want to use.

Priming and spraying paint both require a level of preciseness that is crucial for A+ work. It is necessary to follow all the steps for creating the best cabinet painting results as possible. Here, at New Perspective Painting we will prove to you why we are the best painting company in Denver, CO.

Below are some examples of what the process looks like. It is quite messy, but it should look like this! If you are shopping around for bids to have your cabinets painted, ask for reference photos such as these.


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