6 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors of 2020

Looking to change up your home décor? It’s as easy as a fresh coat of paint. Nothing updates a space like bringing in a new interior paint color.  


Even without changing the furniture or accessories, a new paint color on the walls can instantly update a room’s style and feel. And because paint can be changed easily with interior painting services, you can always stay on trend and incorporate some of the hottest colors into your home décor. 


A fresh coat of paint can also improve your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. If you’re in the market to sell your home, one of the best upgrades you can make is a new interior paint color to brighten up the space. 


If you’re looking to update your home and need a little inspiration, check these current 2020 interior paint color trends. 


Here are six of the most popular interior paint colors of 2020:


Navy Blue 

Deep, moody blues are all the rage in 2020. The Pantone 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a rich shade of blue popping up in interior spaces across the country. It has quickly become of the most popular paint colors. Other popular navy shades, including Sherwin William’s popular color Naval, feel like a stormy sea or a midnight sky. 


Navy blue is both bold and comfortable. It can quickly transform a room into a modern oasis, a relaxing retreat, or a cozy and inviting space. As an interior paint color, navy packs a punch and makes a statement without dominating the room. Navy blue can be used in any room, from the accent wall of a bedroom to kitchen cabinets and a bold take on an office or bathroom. 


Think of navy blue as a new neutral. It’s a timeless color that works well with just about any style. Add gold accents for a glamorous feel, or switch it up with textures and pastel accents for a more feminine touch. Navy blue can be used in small doses or across the entire room for a monochromatic look. 


Pale Pink

pink wall with matching nightstand and lamp

Pale pink is having its moment. No longer just a color for little girl’s rooms, pale pink can now be used in any room of the house as a neutral that adds a relaxing and gentle pop of color. 


Benjamin’s 2020 Color of the Year is First Light, a light blush that captures the brightness and light of when the sun first peaks up in the morning. Shades of pale pink are soft and rosy and bring a calming sense to any space. The beauty of a pale shade of rosy pink brings warmth to a room without being overwhelming. One step into a pale pink room can transport a person to a calmer and more serene space without overwhelming them in bubblegum shades. Surprisingly, pale pink may just be the best color for a living room in 2020 because it is calming, bright, and an excellent backdrop for any kind of style.  


Pale pinks are calming, which is precisely what many people are looking for in 2020. Pale pinks can act as a neutral that is more interesting than the standard white or beige. Use it in a space with natural light and light furniture for an airy, relaxing feel. Or pair it with darker accents and furniture to highlight bold contrast. Pale pinks are also making a splash in cabinetry as an alternative to classic wood stains. 


Rich Green

rich accent wall in living

Earth tones are wildly popular this year, especially rich shades of green. In 2020, people want to turn their homes into oases and bring the outdoors in with calming and rich earth tones. Rich greens run the gamut from deep to light and calming, but each has the warmth of nature.


For a bolder feel, shades of deep avocado green bring a saturated color to the walls for an instant statement. Although this shade is attention-grabbing, it can also act as a neutral and be a blank slate for any type of architecture or décor. A bold green can be brightened up with accents of whites and creams, or it can be turned into a more moody and dramatic shade with blacks, dark browns, and golds. 


On the other side, lighter shades of green are also trending in 2020. These organic and calming shades are resonating with homeowners as a way to connect with foliage and earthy, natural colors. BEHR’s 2020 Color of the Year is Back to Nature, which is inspired by a meadow. The light, mossy green shade is natural and organic and can be paired with warm wood tones for a country feel or glossy white details for a more modern look. 


Both deep green and light, organic green shades are rich in color and evoke a feeling of relaxation and nature. A lighter green can turn a bathroom into a nature-inspired spa, while a deeper green in the kitchen can ground the space and create a calm environment. The colors bring in the sense of the outdoors and create energy in a room while making a stylish statement. 


Blue-Green Aqua

interior wall with aqua paint

Combining the trends of rich blues and greens, shades of aqua are also making a splash in 2020. Ranging from Farrow and Ball’s light blue Borrowed Light to ocean-inspired colors like C2’s Salty Brine, teal and aqua colors tap into the earth tone trend by taking it to the ocean.

Aqua and other blue-green shades give a sense of easiness and movement, like the ocean waves. No matter where the color is used in the home, it creates a soothing and airy backdrop. You don’t have to live by the ocean to create a breezy feel in your Denver home with shades of aqua.

Blue-green hues can be used anywhere in the home and are especially useful in adding brightness and openness to naturally darker or smaller rooms. Use it in a bathroom to create a spa-like oasis or a bedroom to create the calming feel of a five-star hotel. Aqua colors are also stunning in living rooms and dining rooms for a bright and light feel that is equally calming as it is welcoming. 



in progress ochre paint projcect

Another shade tapping into the earth tone trend is ochre, which has become incredibly popular in 2020. The warm color is a mix between mustard yellow and terra cotta orange and brings warmth and vibrancy to any space. Ochre evokes feelings of world travel and has been used in Italian frescos and Persian rugs for centuries. Adding it to your home brings a global feel of Indian spice markets and European paintings. It adds depth and vibrancy to any space.


Ochre is both an earth tone and a jewel tone and can add a punch of color to any space. Try to pair ochre with other vibrant jewel tones like teal and magenta for a dramatic, saturated space. It can also create a more natural look with browns, wood tones, and creams. 


Part of the beauty of ochre is that it includes so many different colors and can easily change its hue based on its surroundings. Part green, part brown, part yellow, ochre can change based on the furniture and accessories. Think of it like the chameleon of interior paint colors that can work to create a moody home office. Pair it with dark wood accents or a bright living room with green and cream accessories for a more modern look. 


Warm Cream

warm cream color wall painted in a living room

If you don’t want to go for deep, dramatic color, warm creams are just as popular and can still create a calming, serene space. Warm cream colors include shades of linen and stone. In 2020, warm cream shades are swaying to a more natural and organic look and bringing in earth tones, like hints of a cloudy day or fresh white flowers.  


In recent years, gray has been the go-to neutral, but cream is making a comeback. Modern creams are warm and create a welcoming space instead of being stark and cold. Warm creams are soft, soothing, and natural. A warm cream color such as the popular Sherwin Williams Alabaster is often considered the best interior paint color for selling a house. It provides a blank canvas while still being warm and inviting. 


Interior paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update a space. With just a few coats of paint, you can transform your home into something different that reflects your lifestyle. These 2020 popular colors can serve as an inspiration when you’re looking for the right shade to match your preferences. Transform the feeling of any room in your house today.

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