Choosing the Best Shades of White (Our 5 Favorite)

Choosing a shade of white paint for your home sounds less complicated than it seems, yet over and undertones can drastically change the way different white shades reflect light and meet your eye. It’s debatable how many actual shades of white there are, but some resources claim there are over 2,000. We’re not sure, but here are some of the most commonly picked white paint colors.



Ivory is a little bit more “bone” colored than “pure white” paint. It has a lovely notion of antique-ness about it. Ivory comes off warm which can be a nice touch if you have deep colored wooden furniture or even have white furniture as the ivory will add depth.




Think of frosting on a perfectly decorated vanilla cupcake. Cream colored white paint is a warm, yellow-y shade of white that is great for country-style kitchens, baby rooms and anywhere you want a little pick-me-up.




As opposed to ivory, “bone” colored white paint leans more towards a taupe or gray undertone. Bone is a great color for adding some masculinity to a room with subtle earth tones. Bone is a versatile color paint and can grow with your home offering a nice backdrop to your art and style. It also works well as an accent wall color.




Eggshell paint is a very commonly requested paint. It works well in bathrooms to add a “clean sheen” to the space. It also is great for trims and anywhere you want to brighten a space or corner. Eggshell is subtle, understated, and versatile.


Snow White

Snow White colored paint has tiny hints of blue and reminds you of a wintery (and calming) wonderland. It is a cooler shade than many other whites and can go well with other cool shades like magenta or tropical green (go wild, why not!).



There are so many different shades of white to choose from. The old trick of taping paint samples to your wall is always a good route to go. Want a color consultation or in-home quote? Click to conveniently schedule your own interior paint quote with the best painting company in Denver, New Perspective Painting.

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